Young lad attracted to local engineering projects

Daniel Govender was given the opportunity to be exposed to a formal working environment with the aid of a SANRAL bursary.

His attraction to the industry stemmed from a high school outing to the longest bridge in South Africa, where he was exposed to the technical allignments of engineering work.

He always had a flair for maths, science and engineering drawing and was strongly inclined towards a career in civil engineering.

“Civil engineering is one of the few professions where one can be involved in the entire project life cycle whilst still being able to partake in the construction phase,” said Daniel.

He has been placed on the Eteza Overload Control Facility and interchange project for his training as a candidate engineer. Here, he will learn more about earthworks and pavement design, piling and bridge design,

He believes he would thrive in many SANRAL projects given his knowledge of analysis, design and management techniques in civil, geotechnical, transport, water and structural engineering.

He wants to be a professional in Engineering and study towards his Masters and Doctorate. He is committed to excel in each phase of his training including construction, laboratory work, design and project management.

“I have deep gratitude and appreciation for SANRAL. The knowledge you grasp, learn and maintain is up to yourself but also largely depends on your working environment. career.”