Wits sets up talent programme in association with SANRAL

We have partnered with Wits University to prepare students for an academic, social and psychological mindset to enable them to access higher education opportunities.

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Students are enrolled in a three-year enhancement programme, which is funded by the Department of Science and Technology, the Industrial Development Corporation and BP SA. They follow a syllabus designed to prepare them for future studies at a university or other tertiary education institutions.


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Students attend three contact sessions per year at the Wits Residential Academic Enrichment Camp. They receive tuition from top-quality university lecturers and additional support to improve their academic performance and prepare them psychologically for future studies at university.


719 high school learners attended a two-week long camp in June 2013. They focused on subjects such as maths, science, engineering, research and computer science and also participated in various life skills, sports, dance and music appreciation activities. They were also taken on an excursion to the Apartheid Museum in Johannesburg to increase their understanding of South Africa’s history.

We received positive feedback from the students who had high expectations of the programme and expected that it would benefit them by developing their study skills, motivating them to study harder and improving their school marks.

Our approach is for communities to receive lifelong benefits that contribute to a better life. We want students from under-resourced schools and communities to improve their studies, and are able to do so through this programme.