We don’t just build bridges, we connect communities

Since 1998 we’ve proudly built over 8,000 bridges that safely connect communities together. These are just some of the projects that have enabled communities to unite and connect:


Bridge over R300 in the Western Cape 

A vital pedestrian bridge over the busy R300 freeway in the Western Cape has saved many lives and improved the quality of life of communities in Kalkfontein, Belhar and surrounding areas.

More than 2,000 Kalkfontein residents crossed the busy road on a daily basis to reach facilities such as clinics, schools and police stations in Belhar.

The construction of the Kalkfontein pedestrian bridge significantly improved road safety in the area and provided residents with a safe and accessible alternative to cross the highway.



Rehabilitation of R61 near Queenstwon

SANRAL came to the support of local hawkers in the Eastern Cape during the rehabilitation of a section of the R61 between Queenstown and Cofimvaba.

The project included the provision of paved footpaths and trading facilities for hawkers. A rest area and the hawker facility was constructed to provide food vendors and traders the opportunity to operate their business in a safe environement. The local municipality supported the project through the provision of stall facilities.


Road safety improvements in Mogalakwena 

Concerns about the safety of pedestrians, especially school children, led to an intervention on the N11 in the Mogalakwena municipality in Limpopo.

This section of the road, near the Tshamahansi village, was earlier incorporated into the national road network resulting in a growing number of pedestrians either walking along or crossing the road in dangerous circumstances.

In collaboration with mining group, Anglo Platinum, SANRAL embarked on a R11.5 million construction project which included a number of vital road safety improvements, including the upgrading of main road intersections, the closing of illegal road junctions, the fencing of roads to prevent direct access and the provision of pedestrian walkways and crossings and adequate road lighting.

In addition, the project created 189 jobs over a 12 month period and some 271 members of the community were trained.