Update on SANRAL’s upgraded interchanges

SANRAL has rolled out more than 700 projects worth some R44 billion over the last five years. These projects, which include roads, tunnels, bridges and interchanges, have enabled ordinary citizens who were previously excluded from economic opportunities to do business and participate in the economy.

The impact of SANRAL’s investments in road infrastructure penetrates deep into the hearts of marginalised communities.

The EB Cloete Interchange in KwaZulu-Natal and Karino Interchange in Mpumalanga are just two examples of spectacular interchanges that SANRAL has been busy with.

EB Cloete Interchange

The upgrades of the N2 and N3 in KwaZulu-Natal form part of National Government’s key Strategic Integrated Projects, SIP2: Durban-Free State-Gauteng Logistics and Industrial Corridor. SIP2 aims to strengthen the logistics and transport corridor between South Africa’s main industrial hubs, improve access to Durban’s export and import facilities and raise efficiency.

The N2N3 upgrade project is divided into many phases, and includes upgrading of the EB Cloete Interchange, one of the most iconic interchanges in the country.

Popularly known as ‘spaghetti junction’, it was completed in 1970 and provides a full-system interchange for the N2 and N3. The network has been under increasing capacity constraints and SANRAL decided to undertake much needed upgrades.

Limited space for expansion will see this project feature a spectacular arch that will support the N3 carriageway as well as the flyover directional ramps. The arch will resonate with the arch theme of the Moses Mabhida Stadium and will be an iconic landmark as one enters Durban on the N3.

At R5 billion, the EB Cloete Interchange upgrade is the biggest single project value undertaken by SANRAL in its 25-year history.

General workers will be sourced from wards within 5km of the project site, which extends about 8.5km up and down the N2 and the N3 on either side of the interchange. It is expected that about R350 million will be spent on local labour over the contract period.

Completion of the upgrade of this interchange is expected to occur in 2027.

The greater N2/N3 corridor upgrades are expected to take 8-10 years to complete and will create up to 15,000 job opportunities during this period. Eleven projects worth approximately R24 billion are currently under construction.


Karino Interchange    


The R375 million Karino Interchange on the N4 National Road in Mbombela, Mpumalanga, provides a link between Mbombela and Kanyamazane, and a direct link from the R514 to the N4. The R514 also provides access to the Kruger Mpumalanga International Airport.

The N4 Toll Route is the catalyst for trade and investment between the three South African land-locked provinces of Gauteng, Limpopo, and Mpumalanga as well as neighbouring countries.

High commuter traffic volumes and the safety record at this intersection led to the decision to upgrade it to a grade-separated interchange with on- and off-ramps and a bridge to separate cross-traffic and through traffic and thus ease traffic flow.

Construction started in November 2019, and was completed in May 2022. About R116 million worth of work was set aside for SMMEs, and a total of 44 SMMEs benefitted from the project through subcontracting.

SANRAL commits to subcontracting at least 30% to SMMEs on all its projects. On this project this target was vastly exceeded, with 46.6% of the contract value going to local SMMEs.

In addition, R22.3 million was spent on local labour, with 422 local people employed: 236 males, 42 females, 143 youth, and one person living with a disability.

SANRAL ensures that at least 6% of contract value is spent on local labour. This project achieved a 9% spend on local labour.