University of Stellenbosch invest in Pavement Engineering

Keeping the South African roads industry at the cutting edge of global trends.

We will train the next generation of pavement engineers. How? Well with the help of University of Stellenbosch. Why? To contribute to the research that speaks to the needs of the country’s road industry.

We have used our finances to build an academic programme dedicated to the development of human capital and capacity building in the field of pavement engineering.

In order to achieve a goal that focuses on higher education, training activities and industry-driven research projects, we contribute to quality projects by improving the performance and quality in construction so that there are safer roads.

In this programme, 65% of students come from historically disadvantaged communities, which is a reflection of our commitment to diversity.

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We offer specialised post-graduate courses to students and practitioners in the roads industry to keep them aware of new trends and developments in the global environment. We are also responsible for teaching at an undergraduate level, creating awareness about pavement engineering among students, as well as managing the asphalt and pavement research laboratories.

Our aim is to provide a world-class education to our students and help keep the South African roads industry at the cutting edge of global trends.

Our vision to support the Chair in Pavement Engineering over the past 13 years has made a substantial contribution to the sustainability of the country’s roads industry.