Trouble-free Easter journey expected on the N3 between Gauteng and the Coast

Source: Shutterstock
Source: Shutterstock

Trouble-free Easter journey expected on the N3 between Gauteng and the Coast

The N3 freeway between Gauteng and the KwaZulu-Natal coast is expected to be in a general good condition and holidaymakers will likely not experience major delays during the Easter break.

Some construction work is however taking place on the route but this is not scheduled to be done during peak traffic periods. During construction, traffic may be restricted to one lane in each direction with speed limits in place.

“The national and provincial road network is a safe environment and if drivers stick to the rules of the road and display tolerance and courtesy towards fellow road users, we should be able to cut down on the unacceptably high rate of fatal crashes,” says Vusi Mona, spokesperson for the South African National Roads Agency SOC Ltd (SANRAL).

The recent introduction of automated pay systems at toll plazas on many of the busiest highways – including the N3 – will improve traffic flows and contribute to safer journeys.

Road users with electronic tags no longer have to stop at four toll plazas on the freeway – De Hoek, Wilge, Tugela and Mooi River. “One tag lifts all booms at plazas where the automated payment system is already in place,” says Mona.

It enables motorists to plan their travel in advance, cuts down on waiting time at plazas and reduces the levels of driver fatigue and frustrations during long journeys.

“This, again, demonstrates how SANRAL’s investments in cutting-edge technology and smart road systems are contributing to a safer road environment,” says Mona.

The Easter Holiday – from Friday 25 to Monday 28 March – is traditionally a period when there is a rapid spike in traffic on most major national and provincial highways. The school holidays of all nine provinces coincide this year and traffic flow is expected to increase towards the end of this period prior to the reopening of schools on 5 April.

Ongoing rehabilitation is underway on the section of the N3 between Harrismith and Warden. Motorists should also be on the lookout for similar construction taking place between Van Reenen and Harrismith.

Mona calls on road users to obey speed limits and slow down at demarcated areas where temporary construction might take place. SANRAL is taking great care to prevent pedestrians or stray animals from entering the freeway network but road users are cautioned to adjust their speed especially during night times.