Transport Budget 2021 at a glance


The Department of Transport’s expenditure is expected to increase at an average yearly rate of 8.1%, from R57.3 billion in 2020/21 to R72.5 billion in 2023/24, Minister Fikile Mbalula said during the virtual debate on the transport budget vote on 21 May.

Most of the funds are reserved for SANRAL for the upgrading and maintenance of the national road network, as well as for provinces and municipalities for construction, operations and maintenance of transport infrastructure and services.

Minister Mbalula said “SANRAL plays a crucial role in the upgrading, maintaining and rehabilitation of our national road network. Transfers to the agency account for 31% of the department’s budget and 62.2% of the department’s budget for road transport specifically.

“A core focus over the medium term is the upgrade of the R573, popularly known as the Moloto Road, with an allocation of R2.7 billion. Transfers to fund reduced tariffs for the Gauteng Freeway Improvement Project amount to R2 billion over the medium term, while 53.6% or R34.8 billion of allocations to the agency are to maintain the national network of non-toll roads.”