Top Award For SANRAL At Global Meeting

SANRAL’s prominent international standing was once again confirmed when it was given the award for the best paper submitted at the 25th World Road Congress (known as PIARC) held in Seoul, South Korea in November last year.

Also, its exhibition stand was adjudged to be one of the best. The congress brought together 122 national road administrations from around the globe and is held every fourth year.

This year its theme was ‘Roads and Mobility – Creating new value from Transport.

Five SANRAL employees delivered papers (Alex van Niekerk, Randall Cable, Kersen Naidoo, Alice Mathew and Mogole Mphahlele) while CEO Nazir Alli chaired two sessions.

The congress brings together so many views and so much information from so many participants that it can truly be described as an ideas platform, where information is shared and there is indirect mentoring. Being exposed to so many different cultures in one place is equally important.

Many countries exhibited but the South African exhibition was seemingly the most popular. It was crowded every day and several other exhibitors praised it, notably the United States and Mexico.