There’s an art to making roads safer

The drive to promote road safety continued with the 2nd annual Chekicoast Art Competition, which announced its young winners yesterday. The winners created pieces that helped teach the rules of the road, and how better to navigate them safely. In fact, part of the judging criteria for the competition was using the correct traffics signs and signals!

The youngest winner was nine year-old Avuyile, from East London. Her winning work focused on how the road belongs to everyone; making it everyone’s responsibility to look out for each other. She, and all the other winners, got a R5000 gift voucher.

The Grade 4 to 6 category was won by a young man who’s had success in art competitions before: twelve year-old Durban native, Abhay Charan Jalim. Despite having limited access to art resources, Abhay has found ways to express himself in vivid colour.

Just south of Bloemfontein, in a special art studio run by learners for learners, is where we find our next winner: 16 year-old Keitumetse Motshwane. He decided to enter the competition as he was concerned by high road deaths. His solution, (other than art)? More traffic officers; a profession he wants to pursue.

Finally, aspiring jewellery designer, Gabrielle Lourens took the Grade 10 to 12 prize. The young woman from Pretoria, who is now chasing her dream at TUT, is passionate about teaching road safety habits to young people. And she thinks art is the perfect way to do it.

We agree, which is why next year’s SANRAL Road Safety Art competition will open soon, with a new category for older students. Keep an eye peeled for more details.