Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics takes preference

Our partnership with the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University’s has allowed for the Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics Pipeline Project (STEM PP) programme to expand and deliver positive results.

STEM PP is designed to develop children to become extraordinary citizens of our country through learning experiences in physical science. The primary objective of the programme is to increase the amount of good grades done by the grade 12 learners to enable them to continue with tertiary training in engineering and science.

We support this programme by funding the bulk of the activities that take place at the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University.

Our goal is to prepare pupils for individual practical work and experiments, which will be of great value when they enter tertiary studies. We want to enhance understanding and comprehension of the theory taught at school, as well as expose learners to Information Communication Technology.

Science teachers in the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan area are invited to participate in the initiative. They are introduced to methods on how to conduct experiments, which enhance learners’ confidence and ability to produce in the classrooms.

Schools are selected on the basis of a number of criteria. We focus on past academic achievements, enthusiasm among the teachers and see if the school has an interest in improving the performance of its learners.

Last year, learners were inspired to apply for our scholarships. Their applications were partnered with motivational letters and many learners who finished the programme qualified for scholarships in 2014.

Several of the students who participated in STEM PP over the past number of years have received bursaries to study engineering disciplines at various universities. Their success has confirmed the value of STEM PP and the ongoing quality of the relationship with the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University.