SANRAL surpasses goals on Msikaba Bridge

Msikaba Bridge is one of two-mega-bridges on the N2 Wild Coast Toll Road, and has exceeded its contract participation goals (CPG) for targeted enterprises (SMMEs and suppliers). Msikaba Bridge’s CPG for targeted enterprises is a minimum of 30% of the contract value of R1.65?billion. As at November 2023, R553.2?million (107% of the target) had been spent on 157 targeted enterprises: 44 suppliers, 52 service providers and 61 subcontractors. R92.8?million had been spent on wages for local targeted labour — 108% of the 5% CPG target of R86?million, with 453 full-time equivalent jobs created, 391 of these occupied by local persons. This translates into a huge economic impact for Eastern Cape and local communities.