SANRAL achieves major milestone

SANRAL reached a major milestone when it switched on the automated payment option at its toll plazas on the following routes:

N1 from Pretoria to Musina
N1 between Bloemfontein and Johannesburg
R30 Brandfort
N17 between Johannesburg and Ermelo
N2 South Coast route
N3 Mariannhill.

In addition, the N3 Toll Concession (N3TC) also switched on automated payment on the N3 from Heidelberg to Cedara.

At midnight on 4 December the automated pay system on these existing toll roads became operational. Road users with electronic tags no longer have to stop to pay tolls manually with cash or credit cards.

“We have become one of very few countries in the world with a fully interoperable electronic toll collection system with central transaction clearing, says Vusi Mona, communications manager of SANRAL.

Moreover, it is a choice. Those who use our toll road network will experience the convenience of electronic payment in time for the festive season and this is a help to speed up traffic flows at toll plazas.

Automated payment is done automatically through a tag fitted to the vehicle to identify the account holder, debit their toll account with the appropriate toll fees and automatically open the toll boom – without the need to stop and pay manually. This automated option will not incur any additional costs to the road user.”

SANRAL has thereby responded to its customers’ needs – a survey done during August and September this year showed beyond doubt that 70% of customers want to make use of tag technology for improved convenience at toll plazas.

“We continuously strive to make improvements in the way that we manage our road network and make driving on our roads as safe and easy as we can achieve through engineering and world-class technology. Automated payment is one such a way.

Moreover, it is in line with our Government’s commitment to improve road infrastructure that underpins the competitiveness of the South African economy.”