TRAC not only manages the N4 highway but is also involved in education. It became part of the latest innovation in distance learning in South Africa in 2015, with the launch of the TRAC E-Learning Project at the Middelburg Plaza E-Learning Centre in Mpumalanga.

This initiative is one of TRAC’s key CSI projects. It has brought a new dimension to high-quality distance education, through technology that supports and develops interactive communication through video conferencing.

TRAC’s E-Learning Project provides Grade 12 learners with an opportunity to improve their marks in maths and science. The technology was developed by Ligbron Learning Academy in Ermelo and also offers a “teach-the-teacher” programme, where educators can attend lessons to enhance their teaching skills.

A section of the Middelburg Plaza was transformed into an E-Learning Centre for this initiative and was equipped with ground-breaking technology such as intelligent smart-boards, monitors, microphones, high-speed online communication and


computer equipment. All these elements enabled the first group of learners and teachers to attend real-time classes in one location while a facilitator in another location took them through their class via video conferencing.

Given the huge success of the pilot project, TRAC has rolled it out to rural schools along the N4 Toll Route, with classes no longer being held at a TRAC facility, but at participating schools themselves.

The fully functional TRAC E-Learning Programme currently reaches 890 learners at five schools:

  1. Wozanibone (Bronkhorstspruit)
  2. Mphanama (Middelburg)
  3. Suikerland Secondary School (Malalane)
  4. Komati Akademie (Komatipoort)
  5. Khayalami Secondary School (Belfast)