Providing essential work experience with internships

We aim to equip engineering students with practical work experience by providing them with internships.

To offer them practical experience, we partner up with our contractors and consultants.

Sesethu Tywabi

Sesethu Tywabi was offered an internship while studying for her National Diploma in Civil Engineering at the Cape Peninsula University of Technology.

During the one-year internship, she was placed with two major companies working on construction projects on the N7, N1 and N12 roads.

She thinks it’s a great start to further one’s future career.

The knowledge she gained while working on these projects enabled her to achieve distinctions in a number of subjects when she returned to the university.

 Christiaan Hendrik Hanekom

Determined to prove his capabilities in engineering and earn the respect of his peers, Christiaan Hendrik Hanekom believes his internship with us resulted in a world of opportunity and endless possibilities for him.

He said he embraced the opportunity to work for us as a very unique learning experience. He had to grasp things quickly without people having to repeat themselves.

The support system and team effort has motivated Hanekom to reach for the stars and climb high up the SANRAL ladder.

This is proof that hard work does pay and Hanekom has been offered a four-year contract with us.