Profile of Environmental Manager: Mpati Makoa

“One of my biggest career highlights has been to mentor our bursary student who has grown and gained confidence within SANRAL. She has now been able to train another young trainee in our division,” said Makoa.

A day in the life of the Environmental Manager involves responding to written and telephonic queries in support of different projects, reading environmental reports and/or authorisations. This is done in an effort to ensure compliance and appropriate environmental management.

Being a SANRAL employee comes with its ups and downs.

“At times we are first looked upon with suspicion and disdain, although I must say we also enjoy a lot of trust from individuals who understand the agency and the nature of the work we do.”

“Over the last six years I have looked with admiration at my daughter’s pre-school and primary school teachers (she is now in Grade 3) – at how easily they manage to shape young minds,” she adds.

In her spare time, Mpati loves reading; watching movies and taking photographs depending on how much time she has in her busy schedule. ?In ten years’ time she hopes to have retired and doing something she loves – like taking photographs or making hats.