Msikaba plant search and rescue


The Msikaba North and South Plant Search and Rescue team collect
important indigenous/endemic species within the road reserve,
to increase plant numbers at the temporary holding sites.

The Msikaba Bridge site plant search and rescue team has developed a comprehensive plant rescue database that is being maintained, daily, documenting the exact dates and quantities of species collected, together with their preferred habitat conditions and GPS locations of rescue on the Msikaba North and South sites.

About 13 850 plants have been rescued so far: 4 460 plants from the Msikaba (North) site and 9 390 plants from the Msikaba (South) site.

Msikaba (South) has yielded nearly twice as many plants as Msikaba (North), and also has greater species diversity. The rescued plants at both holding sites are showing signs of healthy growth and foliage, with some species even flowering prolifically.