Msikaba Bridge project enters highly technical phases

The Msikaba Bridge project in the Eastern Cape is progressing significantly, and now entering technically challenging phases. This bridge forms part of SANRAL’s N2 Wild Coast project. The last two years have been spent completing the four 21,000 ton anchor blocks and progressing with the  bridge pylons on each side of the Msikaba Gorge. What will follow is post-stressing of the anchor blocks, to ensure the transfer of load exerted by the stay cables is well distributed. The post-tensioning strand cables at each of the 17 anchor points in each block are stressed by a specialist company. The process is expected to take two to three weeks for each anchor point.

The next major step will be installing pylon inserts into the pylon’s structure as it rises above the 86-metre mark. Careful planning will allow the deck launching to start after the first five inserts are installed, which is likely to be in the second half of 2024.