It is better to have paid

Yesterday’s announcement of the implementation of the once-off 60% discount of historic e-toll debt in arrears has been met with some queries and many road users sms’ing and calling to check their debt.

“It is important to note that the decision to ease the burden of this old debt does not come at the expense of road users who have done the right thing from the start of the system and paid,” says SANRAL’s communications manager, Vusi Mona.

“We thank the hundreds of thousands of law-abiding vehicle owners who have registered in the past and continued to pay their fair share for the upkeep of our top-class freeway network.

We can assure you that you are winning all the way with the new dispensation.. You have no debt to settle, and even with the 60% discount for those that have not been paying, you will have paid less.”

This table explains it simply using a R10 example:

Screenshot 2015-11-02 17.10.27

Mona explained that the new dispensation will not disadvantage those with e-tags. They will continue to benefit through the standardised 30c/km tariff, the 50% reduction in monthly caps, the continuation of the time-of-day discount and the peace of mind that their annual vehicle licensing renewal will be handled without any complications or delays.

“We encourage all vehicle owners in Gauteng to reap the benefits of registering for e-tolls and making the switch towards e-tags.”