Investing in small business, investing in people

The current slow rate of economic growth and the lack of job opportunities, call for urgent measures to be taken to nurture small, medium and macro enterprises (SMMEs) as a means of bolstering this relatively underdeveloped sector of the South African economy.

As such, the correct understanding of new businesses potential is critical to fast-tracking the development of SMMEs for entrepreneurs.

The development of SMMEs forms part of SANRAL’s broader socio-economic development strategy. This is why SANRAL ensures a certain percentage of work is awarded to SMMEs.

SANRAL spent R2.9 billion on SMMEs contracts in 2014/2015. R1.7 billion went to 765 black-owned enterprises.

During the contract period, SMMEs employ and train workers, creating job stability in local communities. This is why we say we don’t just invest in small business, we invest in the people too.