Incorporating some of the provincial roads into the SANRAL network

Over the past few years, we have seen a few provinces and a number of municipalities handing over some of the roads to SANRAL for modernisation and maintenance.

This is because SANRAL possesses the expertise and technical know-how when it comes to road construction and maintenance. This model has so far worked very well because it has relieved these authorities from the mammoth task of road construction and maintenance, and can therefore focus on other pressing socio-economic needs of citizenry.

Since September 2012, SANRAL has incorporated +/- 1,400km of neglected roads into its network from the North-West province alone.

The incorporation of provincial roads is a lengthy process and wholly outside of SANRAL’s control. This means that we receive these roads without budget and without additional funds. These roads are then maintained from savings on its existing budget.

After incorporation, SANRAL starts to maintain the roads from extended maintenance contracts on other roads in the vicinity of the newly incorporated roads.

The philosophy is to start with the routine maintenance of the roads which includes potholes, cleaning and fixing drainage systems, cutting grass, picking up litter, fixing fences, putting up road signs, etc., to make roads safe and drivable.