Improvements on R37 between Burgersfort and Lydenburg near conclusion

It has been announced that reconstruction of the road between the Marconi intersection and Lydenburg is almost done.

The project will enter its final phase next month [subs: October] and be concluded in December this year.

This phase entails sealing the surface. It will improve the skid resistance of the surface whilst protecting the base layer from water seepage.

In December final road markings will be done and road signage erected.

The road could only be sealed once the winter embargo period – annually from May to September – was over. During the embargo no seal work can be done due to low winter temperatures; this includes seal aggregate to the existing surfacing.

The final seal surface will ensure a uniform surface over the full length of the road for a safe and durable surface for the road user.

Several safety improvements have also been done with one being the installation of additional guardrails in the mountain pass area. However, as a result of the improved road, motorists’ speed has increased.

“This deeply concerns us. We urge road users to obey traffic signs and markings – they are there for your safety. We ask you to be considerate of others who use the road – their safety depends on you,” says Vusi Mona spokesperson for SANRAL.

“We ask the public to be patient during the remaining phase of the construction work and to obey traffic signs, road markings and adhere to the speed limits at all times.

“We thank them for their patience thus far and apologise for the inconvenience and inevitable time delays during construction.”