Going above and beyond

We can see the big picture when it comes to the affects and benefits of partnering up with the environment. Our attitude to sustainable development is growing in positivity by the day. This commitment does not only lie in assuming our roles in building the framework to road, bridge and toll construction, but we are also aware of the progress we make with our relationship with the environment.

To go above and beyond is our goal for the immediate future. Each step we take involves a thorough evaluation process to partner or better the environment. This is done in areas such as road operation and construction, transformation of land, impact of water resources, substances being emitted into the air and generated waste. Our relationship relies on our connection with our surroundings, therefore the community and the local environments we work around are constantly monitored to keep their balance.


In order to approach a sustainable development framework, we take on specific projects in the form of Environmental Impact Assessments that monitor ongoing processes with the appropriate legislative requirements. Our goal is to constantly improve work structure and guidelines to do our work in the most efficient manner.

Each time we take on new construction work, an Environmental Management Plan is used for projects that don’t need authorization. These plans assist with road-building activities.

As we follow through with work, there are regular updates coming through to each project, allowing for site inspections to be done by project teams, environmental authorities, and internal and external audit teams.

We note the importance of approval from government. Each projects requires different permits to follow through with the plans. These permits are often received by different entities such as The Department of Environmental Affairs, Department of Water and Forestry, Department of Agriculture and Mineral Resources, and agencies such as the SA Heritage Resources Agency.


We do not believe in limiting our skills, resources or partnerships. We open our projects to the law and constantly improve on their status, whether it is on solar powered toll plazas, looking after indigenous fauna or ensuring wetlands are not destroyed.