Fraud alert: “NRA-N.004-010-2016/1F” NOT issued by SANRAL

Source: SHutterstock
Source: SHutterstock

The South African National Roads Agency SOC Ltd (SANRAL) has not re-advertised tender NRA-N.004 -010-2016/1F.

The supposed re-advertisement was issued by a David Walker with the closing date of 23 June 2016 and a non-refundable bid document fee of R1 000. SANRAL confirms that the agency does not have a David Walker on its staff complement. This is fraud and the public is urged not to respond to the advert.

A complaint had been laid with the police to investigate.

“There are tell-tale signs that the public can look for to distinguish a request from SANRAL and a fraudulent one. For instance, SANRAL will never use a gmail account for official business. The agency’s internet domain is SANRAL does not charge any fee for tenders,” said Vusi Mona, General Manager: Communications at SANRAL.

The referenced tender has in fact been awarded and the contract is effective 01 March 2016.

“It must be noted that SANRAL did not issue this request. The public must contact SANRAL directly to verify any requests for quotation on 012 844 8000,” concluded Mona.