Empowering local communities in uMuziwabantu

The construction of access roads in the uMuziwabantu Local Municipality, KwaZulu-NatalĀ forms part of SANRAL’s Community Development programmes and includes infrastructure upgrades and pedestrian safety improvements.

It entailed construction management and training services for the upgrade of access roads D911 and D912 from gravel surface into blacktop surface, using labour-intensive construction methods. These roads serve as a strategic link to the provincial roads P327 and P59.

By using labour-intensive construction methods, SANRAL ensures that the benefits derived from the project will be retained within the local communities.

The skills transfer will increase the probability of local residents getting meaningful employment in the construction sector, beyond the duration of the project. Thus, comprehensive classroom and on-site training, accredited by the Construction Education and Training Authority (CETA), are essential delivery requirements of the project.

To align with SANRAL’s social imperatives, the scope of the work included the selection of learners to undergo training at levels 2 and 4 of the National Qualification Framework (NQF), continuing mentorship of learners employed on the project, the identification of life-skill needs within the communities and the implementation of an appropriate training plan.

Almost 150 people were employed during the duration of the project, including 59 women, 114 youth and 6 persons with disabilities.

An additional objective was to source material from the local area. Fourteen 100% black-owned local suppliers are involved and the expenditure on SMME suppliers has reached R3.48 million.