Discover the ancient city of Mapungubwe off the N1 this Heritage month

Mapungubwe in Limpopo is a UNESCO World Heritage Site that once was the capital of a country as large as Swaziland. Once an African Kingdom that reigned from Kingdom from about 1050 AD to 1270 AD, this ancient gem can be explored just off the N1.

Archaeologists from the University of Pretoria have slowly been discovering the tale that lies behind the dug up artifacts of the ancient city. Artifacts such as beads, ivory, animal bones and pots have been found alongside human skeletons lying in seated or foetal positions.

As legend has it, the once thriving Kingdom was brought down by a mini Ice Age that diminished many of their resources. The city is said to have had a commercial network that would make today’s globalised traders envious based on the beads found, said to be from India, Egypt, Southeast Asia and the Middle East.

The best time to explore Mapungubwe Hill is March through to October making this heritage month a perfect time to indulge in the heritage of a lost Kingdom.

Getting there is easy too! Drive north on the N1 to the Limpopo town of Musina and turn left (west) on the R572 for about 90-km till you reach the gates of the park.

For more information on this Heritage site contact Mapungubwe National Park on +27 (0)15 534 2014.