Discover a treasure trove of South African history on the Platinum Highway

The N4 is a road paved with surprises and if your next road trip leads to the Platinum Highway be sure you discover the mysteries of this road.

Find old cities in ruin that were abandoned more than 200 years ago, thousands of male bullfrogs that live underneath the highway until they set off to find a mate and so much more along the N1 and N4.


Discover what the N1 and the N4 have in store for you in a book entitled “The Platinum Road” by journalist and editor, Peter Delmar. Sponsored by Bakwena, the project aims to bring historical value to road users on these roads and to promote tourism along roads usually unbeknown to tourists.

The book had great feedback and has since been turned into a mobile application narrated by Talk Radio 702’s, David O’ Sullivan. The application will take users on a journey of discovery across various landmarks on the Platinum Highway.


Each stop has an array of historically rich information and heritage that has shaped South African history. Users will find themselves travelling from Pretoria to Brits discovering a history filled with conflict and Voortrekkers, to areas between Rustenburg and Swartruggers, home to one of the wealthiest tribes in Africa.