Changing lives and giving opportunities to youth

Boosting one’s career can sometimes be a challenge. You spend countless hours giving your time and energy to an apprenticeship or internship and are often unsure of where it will lead.

However, this is not the case with young engineer, Gideon Machete, who has had assistance from SANRAL in the form of a bursary, as well as hands-on experience at the Centre of Excellence in Port Elizabeth.

Joining Machete on his career journey is 11 other fortunate graduates. The Centre of Excellence Design Academy offers individuals from around the country a formal in-house training programme which allows for career development and growth. Their four years of studying opens them up to a whole new sphere of application and design.

The Academy was established to facilitate and advance their careers by providing experience on real projects. The Centre of Excellence offers graduates a workflow that will build up their experience and ensure they meet professional standards.

The programme lasts between 12 to 18 months, depending on their previous field experience. Once they have finished the programme, they begin on construction sites or gain additional experience in SANRAL projects around the country.

They are very fortunate to have the support structure surrounding them to assist in furthering their careers as the programme helps guide them on the right path.

Because SANRAL is responsible for the on-going maintenance, development and expansion of the South African national road network, qualified engineers are able to delve into different fields and become experts of the many engineering roles on offer.

The Centre of Excellence in Port Elizabeth not only provides intensive post-graduate training, mentorship and coaching but also ensures each individual has been exposed to a broad variety of disciplines.