Belstone and Breidbach Interchanges project will change the landscape

By the end of December 2022 the Belstone Interchange was 42% complete.

The Belstone and Breidbach Interchanges project in eQonce in Buffalo City Metropolitan Municipality is up to date. The estimated project value is R438 million (incl. VAT), and the anticipated completion date is June 2024. The completed Belstone Interchange will include one loop and off-ramp, which will improve safety for both drivers and pedestrians by easing traffic flow between East London and eQonce. The Breidbach Interchange will also see construction of a link road from Breidbach towards Sweetwaters, as well as a free-flowing interchange at Belstone Bridge, and dualling of the road to Bhisho. The end result will be improved management of traffic flow from Bhisho, Breidbach, Zwelitsha and East London, and improved safety for pedestrians.