All we ask is #JustW8

Our new road safety campaign asks you to #JustW8 before you make certain decisions while driving.   

#JustW8 until you are not mobile to put on your make-up.

Each year, nearly 1.2 million people die and millions more are injured and disabled as a result of road crashes. 

South Africa has one of the worst road safety records with over 40 people dying daily on our roads and a further 20 being left permanently disabled. 

Road deaths are prevalent among pedestrians and then passengers, while young males are causes for most fatalities on the road. 

With the #JustW8 campaign, SANRAL is challenging the youth to take a pause and think about the consequences of their decision making. 

This road safety campaign seeks to dispel the notion among road users that they can still safely drive while breaking the most common unsafe driving practices. 

These unsafe driving practices include drinking and driving; texting and driving; speeding; not wearing seat-belts; and breaking road rules. 

SANRAL believes that if you pause to think about the consequences of your actions, you would choose the better option. 

The roads agency has compiled short videos that educate about everyday driving practices and how when you #JustW8 the outcome can be changed. 

This week we feature scenario 1. 

Scenario 1 

Our 1st scenario happens in the morning.  

We see the highway and a car coming onto an on-ramp and stopping at the robots.  

Then we see a young woman driving with 2 of her friends, one in the front seat and another friend at the back.  

We don’t get to see the friend in the front seat, but we see her arm when she hands over a make-up bag to the driver.  

The friend in the back seat scratches his throat and looks at his friend.  

She looks to the mirror and then to the back, she rolls her eyes and hands the friend on the passenger seat back the mascara.  

No dialogue.  

Young flamboyant friend looks to the side and waves at the young men in the next car en route to school with his mum. 

With the decision to #JustW8 and not put her make-up on, the day went smoothly.