AARTO – What You Need To Know.

The Road Traffic Infringement Agency (RTIA) is an entity of the Department of Transport responsible for influencing positive driver behaviour and to encourage voluntary compliance with road traffic laws of the country through the implementation of Administrative Adjudication of Road Traffic Offences Act (AARTO) and its Points Demerit System. RTIA commits to using its legislative mandate to ensure that road traffic laws are adhered to, lives are saved and our roads are safer for all those who use them.

In preparation for the implementation of AARTO nationally, the Agency is involved in a series of stakeholder engagement sessions in the form of AARTO roundtable discussions, Sihamba ne AARTO roadshows and partnerships with civic society and the interfaith fraternity in echoing the saying that “road safety is everybody’s responsibility”.

These interventions are in support of the Minister of Transport’s conviction to drive road user behavioural change through robust debate, moral revival and heightened awareness about motorist rights and responsibility on road safety. It is in appreciation of the fact that 90% of all road crashes that occur on the South African road network are often found to have resulted from a violation of road traffic laws.

RTIA through AARTO education and awareness campaigns seeks to harness interventions for changing the culture of the road users, heighten the appreciation for more prudence and respect for life on the road.

Objectives of RTIA’s Road Safety Awareness Campaigns under the AARTO Act:

– Mobilise and empower civic society to enhance accountability amongst fellow motorists.

– Mobilise support for the Million Signature Campaign towards active participation of civic society as government’s partner in changing the behaviour of the road user.

– Encourage a culture of voluntary compliance amongst road users in South Africa.

– Foster a heightened understanding of road traffic regulations and increased sense of responsibility amongst road users.