A social media comment received regarding OUTA

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Dear All

I see that OUTA are now looking for between R80 and R200 per month for membership (see their application form). This gives me some serious reason to question the situation. Over 75% of frequent freeway users would pay less than R80 per month in tolls had they previously had a tag and now with or without a tag. So for most it would be cheaper to pay the tolls and sleep better not waiting for a summons. I trust that all those that are joining have read the OUTA terms and conditions. Basically they will only defend you if they have money. It does not take a maths degree to work out that only those expecting a summons are joining, therefore to cover everyone’s cost you will need to pay for your own legal cost plus the OUTA administration. So if you think sending a R50 donation or paying for a year until you get a summons has you covered, good luck.

So assuming that you are paying OUTA the same as what you would have paid SANRAL, will you ensure that OUTA will:
* Come to your assistance if you have an accident without you having to call them?
* Dispatch medical response to an accident, the first responders are on motorbikes to ensure they are there quickly?
* Remove broken down heavy vehicles to restore traffic flow as soon as possible?
* Keep drivers informed of travel times?
* Keep the lights on and pay for the electricity?
* Maintain the road pavement to improve riding quality?
* Plan and fund the much needed and overdue expansion of the freeway network?
Just another thought; the SANRAL Act legislates that toll revenue is dedicated to the toll road. Is there anything that ensures that your “e-toll defence” money is not being spent by the Organisation Undoing Tax Abuse going up against Eskom, remembering Clause 1 of OUTA’s T&Cs.
Makes you think, doesn’t it.