TRAC implements action plan for national lockdown

In terms of the presidential announcement on March 23, 2020, TRAC’s Executive Management has decided on an action plan to address aspects related to the company’s facilities, the N4 Toll Route and its road users during the national lockdown. Although the COVID-19 pandemic presents significant challenges, TRAC is confident that we will overcome them in the coming weeks and months.

The action plan is as follows: Construction All current construction contracts in South Africa will be locked down as from today. During this period, core staff will be at each site to ensure works are protected and safety is adhered to. Load Control Centres Load Control Centres (LCC) will cease operations on March 26, 2020 at 18h00, however traffic police will continue to perform traffic law enforcement duties which will not include overload control duties. Roadside Assistance and Route Patrols * TRAC’s 24-hour Helpdesk will be fully operational 24/7 during the lockdown period. This is to assist in the coordination of all emergency services as well as aid with vital routine road maintenance and assist toll plazas when needed. The Helpdesk can be contacted via phone on 0800 87 22 64 (toll free) or 082 881 4444 or via email at * TRAC’s route patrol and accident response services will continue to operate. This includes a daily route patrol, accident response and TRACAssist services. Toll operations * Toll operations remain an Essential Service as was determined by government. * TRAC’s toll plazas will continue to operate along the N4 Toll Route.

* Core skeleton teams will manage the plazas for safety and security purposes. * All plaza staff on duty will follow COVID-19 safety protocols. These include sanitising hands after every transaction and sanitising booths at the start of every shift.

TRAC would like to wish everyone well during this challenging time. We urge you to keep yourselves and your loved ones safe. We are confident that this storm shall pass, and that we will emerge stronger and better for it – as a nation, as a company, and most importantly, as individuals.