TRAC concerned about N4 traffic due to Tchumene Interchange roadworks

Following ongoing criticism regarding the state of the Tchumene Interchange construction site on Section 17 of the N4 Toll Route in Mozambique, Trans African Concessions (TRAC) would like to remind the public that these roadworks do not fall under our jurisdiction.

Although the construction of this interchange has a direct effect on the sections of our road before and after the Tchumene bridge structure, the project is being managed by the National Roads Administration (ANE) who are also the proprietors of the N4 in Mozambique. In view of this, TRAC has no delegation over the progress and state of the respective roadworks.

Having noted that the project is having a negative impact on N4 traffic, with the safety of our road users also being compromised, we are in communication with the responsible authorities in the hope that they address the current status quo as a matter of urgency.