TRAC announces new dates for completion of road projects

The four major rehabilitation and expansion projects on the South African side of the N4 Toll Route are back on track, in line with South Africa’s coronavirus (COVID-19) regulations for levels 3 and 4.

All sites were officially opened in the second week of May and are fully operational, with contractors meeting all COVID-19 safety regulations and requirements prescribed by the government.

The unprecedented national lockdown caused delays to all of Trans African Concessions’ (TRAC) roadworks and, although contractors are confident they will make up some of the time lost, project completion is expected to be later than initially anticipated.

Rehabilitation between OR Tambo and Van Dyksdrift Interchanges The rehabilitation of Sections N4-3 and N4-4, between the OR Tambo and the Van Dyksdrift interchanges, commenced earlier this year. This 19 km stretch of the N4 Toll Route was originally built as a concrete road and was overlaid in 2008, as part of a rehabilitation intervention. The current rehabilitation and expansion project, awarded to Raubex Construction, includes the removal and replacement of failed concrete slabs and overlaying the entire section. A further seven kilometres of passing lanes will also be constructed.

The extensive project is valued at approximately R380-million and is expected to take 24 months to complete. The new completion date has been set for March 2022.

Road users are advised that traffic flow will be affected during construction and lane reductions and/or deviations will be in effect. This may result in delays and road users are urged to be patient and plan their trips accordingly.

Belfast-Machado upgrade This much-anticipated extensive upgrade commenced in 2019 and is 35% complete. The R400million project, under the auspices of WBHO, will see 30km of Section 5B rehabilitated and upgraded to a four-lane carriageway. Roadworks were originally set to take 36 months to complete. Following the lockdown, the completion date has been moved to May 2022. Blasting of the cutting at KM 41.0 is progressing well, with scheduled blasts occurring every week or biweekly. Notifications for blasts can be seen along the route – near the roadworks – and on TRAC’s social media pages. Traffic accommodations will be modified in the few next months, to accommodate rehabilitation works of the existing roadway. This will include new deviations such as speed reductions, contraflows and occasional stop/gos.

Road users can visit for regular updates and to plan their trips accordingly.

Karino Interchange This Mbombela-based project, valued at R390-million, commenced earlier this year and will see the existing intersection transformed into a grade-separated interchange, with on- and off-ramps and a bridge. This will separate cross-traffic from through-traffic, to ease traffic flow at this extremely busy intersection, and enhance road user safety as the need for points men during peak traffic times will be eliminated.

Roadworks, which are being managed by Raubex Construction, span over 4 kms and the project is 25% complete. Traffic deviations will be implemented throughout the initiative, which may result in slower-moving traffic and delays.

Kaapmuiden to Kaalrug Upgrade This 15.5 km road construction project is being managed by Tau Pele Construction and will include the upgrading of the carriageway to four lanes and the rehabilitation of the existing road. Valued at approximately R340-million, the 24-month initiative started in November 2019 and is now set to be completed in February 2022.

Road users are advised that traffic flow will be affected throughout the project, as lane reductions and deviations will be in effect.