Single account eases passage through national toll plazas

Drivers using the automated electronic payment system on the country’s toll roads will enjoy the benefits of an uninterrupted traffic flow and shorter travel times this festive season.

Road users can register a single account and use a tag, linked to the account, for all the toll plazas – irrespective of who operates the plaza.

Road users on South Africa’s toll road network will continue to enjoy the benefits of an automated electronic payment system during this holiday period.

The fully interoperable tag system, introduced by the South African National Roads Agency (SOC) Limited (SANRAL) in 2015, has proven to be a major success.

The same tag can be used at toll plazas operated by SANRAL and its concessionaires, Bakwena Toll Concessionaires, N3 Toll Concessions (N3TC) and Trans Africa Concessionaires (TAC).

Road users can register a single account and use a tag, linked to the account, for all the toll plazas – irrespective of who operates the plaza.

“We are very pleased with the growth and take up of electronic toll transactions across all historical ‘manually’ operated toll plazas in South Africa,” said manager of toll and traffic at SANRAL, Alex van Niekerk.

“The average number of toll transactions done electronically has grown from a zero base to above 20% in quantum and 30% in value over the past two years.”

Improved service and delivery

The transition from manual to electronic toll systems is aligned with the expectation road users have for improved service and efficiency: drivers do not want to delay their journeys when paying at a conventional toll facility.

A system of electronic toll collection has been developed over the last decade, allowing road users to move through toll plazas without delay.

Automated electronic toll payment is an efficient, fair and sustainable method of collecting tolls. Among its benefits are improved speed and efficiency of traffic flow for the convenience of road users and a reduction the overall journey time due to less time spent making toll payments.

Travel information

Some important information for those travelling this festive season:

  • For a detailed list of toll plazas where automated electronic toll payment will be accepted, visit the SANRAL website
  • Signs at the plaza will indicate which lane can be used to pay with a tag.
  • If a ‘tag accepted’ sign is displayed at the toll plaza and lanes are not individually marked, it means all lanes accept tags:
    • reduce speed when entering the toll plaza area;
    • select a lane which accepts SANRAL tags as a method of payment; and
    • maintain a car-length following distance to avoid paying for the vehicle in front.
  • If a tag is detected, it will emit one or more beeps depending on the account status:
    • 1 beep – payment successful;
    • 2 beeps – low balance warning; and
    • 4 beeps – account suspended because there are no funds in the account.
  • Ensure there are sufficient funds on the tag to accommodate the costs of all toll plazas en route.
  • Note that payments made into the toll account may take up to five days to reflect, if they have not been made online ( or at a SANRAL Customer Service Centre. Booms will not open if the funds in the toll account are less than the amount due at the specific toll plaza. It is possible to create an automated top-up on the account by linking it to a conventional bank account or credit card.
  • Keep all till slips safe should there be any disputes at a later stage, for example, in the event of double billing, when the tag appears not to have been read and cash is paid.

“Should any motorist need help in planning their journey, contact our Customer Services on 0800 726 725, visit one of our centres or email us on,” said Van Niekerk.