SANRAL will not engage any political party on the NZK matter currently before the courts


SANRAL will not engage any political party on the NZK matter currently before the courts

Pretoria, 21 April 2024 – The South African National Roads Agency SOC Limited (SANRAL) has received a letter from the EFF requesting a meeting with the CEO, Mr Reginald Demana regarding NZK, a company that is currently involved in litigation with the roads agency.

On advice from its attorneys, SANRAL will not engage with anyone on the NZK matter as that would be contrary to the sub judice principle. Further, NZK is duly represented by its own attorneys, and it would be in violation of the ethical code for SANRAL to engage with any other persons that purport to represent NZK.

On 19 April 2024, SANRAL obtained an urgent court interdict as its operations were disrupted by those who purport to represent NZK. SANRAL as an organ of state is enjoined by the Constitution and the rule of law to ensure that it treats all stakeholders equally and with dignity. Similarly, SANRAL will protect its rights in the event of any infringement thereof. The roads entity will not hesitate to implement the interdict order against unlawful protests and business interruptions.

SANRAL’s record on transformation speaks for itself and it is one of the first state owned entities that embarked on the development of a Preferential Procurement Policy (PPP) after the Afribusiness Constitutional Court application that reviewed and set aside the PPPF regulations. Also, it is a matter of public record that SANRAL was taken to court late last year by various construction companies because of its efforts to radically speed up the rate of meaningful transformation in the road construction sector and put smaller, black-owned companies on a pathway to wealth creation.

Furthermore, the allegation that SANRAL treats black businesses poorly and does not pay its suppliers in time is rejected. “SANRAL makes every effort to pay our suppliers within 30 days and those who know our track record in this regard are at best amused and at worst disappointed by this misleading narrative,” said Vusi Mona, SANRAL’s General Manager for Communications and Marketing.

SANRAL remains committed to transformation, the advancement of previously disadvantaged designated groups and the overall health of the construction industry.