SANRAL supports road users with vital safety initiatives in the Eastern Cape over the Easter Weekend


SANRAL supports road users with vital safety initiatives in the Eastern Cape over the Easter Weekend

                         Caption: Motorist receiving pamphlets on safe driving at SANRAL’s Easter road safety activation in Aberdeen

Aberdeen, Eastern Cape 3 April 2024 – The South African National Roads Agency SOC Limited (SANRAL) hosted a road safety activation at the Caltex petrol station, on the R61 about 50km outside Graaff-Reinet. With the bustling holiday traffic in mind, SANRAL focused on the safety of motorists returning home after the Easter weekend.

SANRAL engaged in conversations with motorists, emphasising the importance of taking breaks during long journeys and making regular stops to combat fatigue. The activation offered a range of amenities, including head and shoulder massages to alleviate tension and stress, refreshments such as energy drinks and water for drivers,and entertaining colouring books for children, ensuring a refreshed and relaxed journey ahead.

Godfrey Jacobs, a resident of Aberdeen, expressed gratitude for SANRAL’s efforts, stating, “It’s a good thing for Aberdeen. We’re happy to see this happening here. It’s been a busy weekend on the roads this Easter holiday, and the drivers deserve this so that they can rest and reset for the road ahead”.

The Easter weekend traditionally witnesses a surge in travel across the nation as people journey from urban centres to their hometowns, participating in religious gatherings and observing family traditions. However, this festive atmosphere is often overshadowed by an increase in road crashes, with drunken driving remaining a primary cause of fatalities and injuries.

One particularly hazardous road for motorists is approximately 20km outside Aberdeen. Local resident Donald Netnow advocated for the tarring of the gravel road to enhance safety and to uplift the Klipplaat community. “Coming back to the road safety awareness, thank you for reminding us as road users to take a break when driving long distances, especially when we just want to get home. My family and I are enjoying this activation,” said Netnow.

Under the banner of ‘Road Safety Starts with You’, SANRAL’s campaign emphasises personal responsibility on the roads. Messages such as “One look before you cross or overtake”, “One rest can save your life”, and “One call can end it all” underscore the effort required to mitigate road risks and to ensure safer journeys for all.

Road safety lies at the heart of SANRAL’s Horizon 2030 Strategy, which prioritises the integration of safety measures into road infrastructure design. As the entity responsible for the national road network, SANRAL remains committed to fostering safer conditions for all road users.

Thinus Appel, owner of the Caltex petrol station in Aberdeen, expressed gratitude to SANRAL for hosting its road safety activation in the community, emphasising the significance of such initiatives during peak traffic periods.