SANRAL shares bursary and scholarship information with Alexandria High School learners

Welekazi Ndika, SANRAL Southern Region’s Stakeholder Coordinator addressed learners during the bursaries and scholarships drive in Alexandria.


SANRAL shares bursary and scholarship information with Alexandria High School learners

Eastern Cape, 19 August 2022: The South African National Roads Agency SOC Limited (SANRAL) has encouraged high school learners from Alexandria in the Eastern Cape to apply for its scholarships and bursaries programmes before the closing date at the end of September.

SANRAL hosted about 200 Grade 11 and Grade 12 learners from Alexandria High School, Ukhanyo Senior Secondary School and Nompucuko Combined School at its Bursary and Scholarship Drive in Alexandria.

Welekazi Ndika, SANRAL Southern Region’s Stakeholder Coordinator shared information about the scholarship and bursary opportunities that SANRAL offers.

“I encourage you all to make use of the opportunities presented to you and to focus on your education. We have made a deliberate effort at SANRAL to ensure that learners from previously disadvantaged communities, like yourselves, are equipped with the necessary information needed in order to gain access to the opportunities that we offer,” said Ndika.

Councillor Asanda Nyumka, representing the Mayor of Ndlambe Local Municipality, thanked SANRAL for sharing the information with the learners.

“I want to encouraged learners to grab the opportunity SANRAL is presenting. The information SANRAL is sharing with you will change your lives.

“The aim is to empower and to capacitate our learners and communities with information that will assist them to transform their lives and that of their communities entirely. You are the future leaders

of the country and our communities. Study very hard to meet the minimum requirements of this bursary and make use of everything that is shared with you,” said Councillor Nyumka.

Alexandria High School Deputy Principal Jayshree Rajkaran thanked SANRAL for sharing the bursary and scholarship information. She encouraged learners not to be discouraged by where they come from. They need to work hard in order to have a brighter future. “No matter where you come from you can set the foundation for your family to be great. Think about the future of your family. Learn from other people’s experiences and work hard to improve yourselves and your communities,” said Rajkaran.

Ukhanyo Senior Secondary School principal Mtutuzeli Jonas told learners to consider themselves lucky. “You must grab this opportunity with both hands. For you to succeed, you must work hard. You have a bright future ahead of you. I see in you, future professionals and leaders. These days you are getting all the chances and encouragement to do good. For SANRAL to share its bursary and scholarship opportunities with you is enough motivation and encouragement before this year’s trial exams start. Discipline is key. Without it you are going nowhere. This is the beginning of hard work and hard work pays. Once more I would like to thank SANRAL for affording these learners with such a wonderful opportunity. I wish you all the best,” said Jonas.

Anesipho Zweni, a grade 12 learner from Nompucuko Combined School, said she wants to be a teacher or a lawyer. “I want learners in lower grades to know that they must study hard. If they want to change the situation at home, they must work hard to do so. They must work hard to achieve their goals,” said Zweni.

Sindiswa Dili, a grade 12 learner at Alexandria High School, said she was happy to learn about the SANRAL scholarships and bursaries programme. “Before I only knew SANRAL built roads. I am happy to know about the bursary programme and will gladly share the information with others,” said Dili.

SANRAL scholarships are available to all high school learners who are South African citizens and are from Grade 8 to Grade 12, irrespective of their subject choice. The requirement is for learners to have an overall aggregate of 60%. The scholarship is based on academic merit and financial need, considering the background of learners.

New policy provisions from SANRAL have allowed the roads agency to extend awards to students outside of the Built Environment, therefore expanding the reach further than Civil Engineering. Funding for external bursary for the 2023 academy year is for full-time studies in Civil Engineering, Electronic Engineering, Procurement and Supply Chain Management, Human Resources and Environmental Science. A minimum requirement for matriculant is 70% overall average.

The applications are open and will close on 30 September. The bursary and scholarship applications forms are available on the SANRAL website,

The video is available here: