SANRAL provides evidence of compliance in tender awards

SANRAL provides evidence of compliance in tender awards

Pretoria, 20 November 2022 – The South African National Roads Agency SOC Limited (SANRAL) wishes to address the growing narrative of irregularities and non-compliance regarding the award of tenders to joint ventures (JVs) with Chinese companies, by providing evidence of compliance on the part of the winning bidders.

It has been contended that the Construction Industry Development Board (CIDB) status of China State Construction Engineering Corporation (CSCEC) is expired. CSCEC South Africa (Pty) Ltd has the following credentials according to CIDB records (**evidence attached):

• CRS Number: 10092658

• Grade: 9CE

• Expiry: 21/2/2023 It would appear that the media house that has published the story is confusing CSCEC Southern Africa, which is different from CSCEC South Africa (Pty) Ltd.

It is further contended that the enterprise status of Mota Engil Construction South Africa (MECSA) is listed as “DeRegistered”. Again, MECSA Construction is the company that forms part of the JV that won one of the bids, and it has the following credentials according to CIDB records (evidence attached):

• CRS Number: 157304

• Grade: 9CE

• Expiry: 11/03/2024

The said media house is confusing Mota Engil Construction South Africa with MECSA Construction. This lack of attention to detail is unfortunate as it can lead both the writer and the reader into believing a false narrative.

SANRAL reiterates its position that proper processes were followed in the award of the four tenders in question. The tenders were adjudicated by the Development Bank of Southern Africa (DBSA) in a fair and transparent process where any and all eligible South African companies had the opportunity to submit a compliant tender.

Mr Vusi Mona, SANRAL General Manager for Communications and Marketing, said: “The apparent obsession with discrediting the process and perpetuating an anti- Asian narrative is not useful. South Africa enjoys fraternal relations with China within BRICS and China is one of SA’s largest trading partners. Moreover, South African law does not prohibit any foreign company from doing business in the country.”

“We hope that having supplied the portfolio of evidence that reflects the compliance and eligibility of the companies which won the tenders, will put this matter to rest so we can get on with responding to our core mandate, to develop and maintain the national road network. South Africans need to start working and SANRAL is committed to making that possible.”