SANRAL planned projects will create opportunities for Greater Tzaneen locals.

The South African National Roads Agency Limited’s (SANRAL) northern region will be undertaking a number of projects in the Greater Tzaneen Local Municipality over the coming months. These will include routine road maintenance projects (RRMs) on the R71, R529 and the R36.

Road maintenance projects are ongoing throughout the roads agency’s national road network and are day to day maintenance projects which include grass cutting, pavement maintenance, and earthworks.

“These projects will enhance the road user experience along these roads and improve the local communities’ mobility and safety when travelling. They will also provide a transport system that delivers a better life for the local communities,” says Madoda Mthembu, SANRAL northern region’s operations and maintenance manager.

He was briefing local communities, small, micro and medium enterprises and local and provincial authorities today (Thursday, 20 February) as part of SANRAL’s flagship Taking SANRAL to the People programme.

“The current routine maintenance project started in February 2016, employing local small, micro and medium enterprises (SMMEs) and community members. The R71/Deerpark road intersection will be undertaken in partnership with the Roads Agency Limpopo (RAL).

“We see this as an opportunity not only to improve and upgrade the country’s road infrastructure, which plays a critical role in our economic development, but also improve the lives of those communities who are based on or near these routes. It gives them not only better access to opportunities but allows us to help play a meaningful role in their upliftment through access to work opportunities,” says Mthembu.

The Taking SANRAL to the People programme is an opportunity for the roads agency to interact with its stakeholders – who range from government officials, traditional leaders, business, and communitybased organisation among others– and forge partnerships with them as part of its ongoing efforts to improve the local communities’ socio-economic conditions.

“It is SANRAL’s responsibility to involve the community in the immediate vicinity of its projects. Bringing the roads agency to Tzaneen is an opportunity for us to not only inform stakeholders about our projects in the region, but also an opportunity to highlight our commitment to transformation in the construction industry,” says Siphiwo Mxhosa, SANRAL’s stakeholder relations manager.

Through its Transformation and Horizon 2030 strategies, SANRAL has a proactive response to create a national road transport system that serves as an “economic artery”, delivering an improved standard of living for citizens that live alongside its projects.