SANRAL hosts Botlokwa Community to unpack R10 million project upgrade in the area

Limpopo, 31 May 2021: The South African National Roads Agency Limited (SANRAL) hosted an information sharing session in Botlokwa to announce the upgrade of the Botlokwa Clinic Road. The 2,5-kilometre-long project, which runs from the National Road 1 (N1) to the new clinic in Machaka, will be upgraded from gravel road to surface road.

“Our purpose today is to engage the community and the Machaka Traditional Council with the necessary knowledge regarding the project upgrade as well as upcoming SANRAL projects. At SANRAL we will continue to drive the Horizon 2030 strategy, reaching out to stakeholders in all three spheres of government, from national, provincial, to local. We also always ensure that community members that live alongside our national roads benefit from these projects” said Moloko Masenya, SANRAL’s Northern Region stakeholder coordinator for Limpopo Province.

The event was attended by ward councillors, Machaka Traditional Council, Molemole Business Forum, Botlokwa Road Safety Organisation, Marama Taxi Association, Headmen, and other affected communities. “The information session presents an opportunity for the community to endorse SANRAL’s project plans and acknowledge the project liaison committee formed to represent them throughout the lifespan of the project,” said Masenya.

Consultants that will work on the project were appointed in January 2021 for a period of 12 months. Once the design work is complete, the tender will be advertised for the appointment of the main contractor, which is expected start work in the first quarter of 2022.

“SANRAL provided this opportunity for local communities to participate in contracting and sub-contracting opportunities on the project. The R 10 million project consists of design (valued at R2 million) and construction and supervision (valued at R8 million). The communities are therefore presented with opportunities that will allow local SMMEs to obtain training and job creation prospects that will be realised through this project,” said Tony Seloana, SANRAL’s Northern Region Project Manager.

SANRAL will continuously liaise with the appointed Project Liaison Committee to follow the process in the hiring of local labourers for the duration of the project. Continuous project information sessions and introductions of contract teams to the traditional authority and local municipality is crucial throughout the project life cycle to foster conducive relations with targeted stakeholders.