SANRAL condemns criminal activity at toll plazas


SANRAL condemns criminal activity at toll plazas

Gauteng, 24 December 2023 – The South African National Roads Agency SOC Limited (SANRAL) strongly condemns all criminal activity on the road network and is working with the police to shed light on a  recent hijacking at a toll plaza. A video clip of the said incident has been circulating on social media platforms.

All toll plazas are under 24-hour security camera surveillance and SANRAL will share all information at its disposal with police to aid the investigation.

“While we can reduce the motivation to commit crime, by increasing our security measures at toll plazas, we cannot police someone’s intention to commit a crime. We therefore appeal to road users to always be vigilant and aware of threats to their security in any location,” said Vusi Mona, SANRAL General Manager for Communications and Marketing.

SANRAL’s camera network across the country has assisted police in their investigations and securing convictions of criminals on a number of occasions and the agency will continue to work with law enforcement agencies to create safer spaces for all road users.