Resurfacing of National Road R37, Section 2, from Burgersfort

SANRAL has awarded a project for resurfacing the National Road R37 from Burgersfort km 0.0 to km 14.0. The project’s scope includes the re-gravelling shoulders, edge-break repairs, constructing edge beams at property entrances, intersections and taxi bays, cleaning hydraulic structures and culverts, replacing bridge joints where required, applying temporary and permanent road markings, installing permanent road studs, repairing, renewing, or installing new guardrails and finishing off the road reserve.

The project will improve the smooth riding quality and skid resistance of the pavement. It will also enhance the job creation during construction. The targeted labour is 6% and 30% for targeted enterprises. There will be fewer delays on the road caused by maintenance work.

The project amount for R48 million was awarded to contractor Actophambili Roads (Pty) Ltd. The consultant is Quantra Consulting. The Project Manager is Mr Lethu Dlanjwa, who can be contacted on 012 426 6200 or

SANRAL’s Northern Region Manager, Mr Hlahla, indicated that this project would improve the current pavement and benefit travellers by improving travel time and riding quality. He noted that the project would benefit local SMMEs and would have a positive impact on the local economy.