Repairs to N2 between Izingolweni and Harding in KwaZulu-Natal set to begin

Repairs to N2 between Izingolweni and Harding in KwaZulu-Natal set to begin

Durban, 20 January 2024 – The South African National Roads Agency SOC Limited (SANRAL) has begun to excavate a portion of the damaged section of the N2 between Izingolweni and Harding in KwaZulu-Natal to address the drainage issues and prevent further deterioration of the road.

“Following further inspection and consultation with the engineering consultant, it was agreed that the most effective solution is to start with the excavation immediately to allow for drainage from the dam to facilitate the necessary repairs to commence soon,” said Samantha Dladla, SANRAL’s Project Manager responsible for Routine Road Maintenance in the Eastern Region.
The Routine Road Maintenance (RRM) contractor has been instructed to begin with the work.
SANRAL, together with the engineering consultant, is currently in the process of designing a temporary detour and formulating plans for the road repairs.

The detour is approximately 800m and runs adjacent to the area of the N2 that collapsed. This will ensure minimal disruptions to the flow of traffic. The alternative route adjacent to the N2, once completed, will allow access to light (passenger) vehicles while heavy motor vehicles will continue to use the current alternative route via the P58/P59.

“The construction works on the detour and N2 repairs are scheduled to begin by end of January 2024. We understand that this closure may cause inconvenience to the public, and we apologise for any disruption it may cause. However, the safety of road users is our utmost priority, and we are committed to undertaking the repairs as quickly and efficiently as possible,” said Dladla.