Plans to reseal N2 between Jeffreys Bay, Gamtoos River will ease traffic flow, create jobs

Welekazi Ndika, SANRAL Southern Region’s Stakeholder Coordinator engages stakeholders about plans for the reseal project between Jeffreys Bay and Gamtoos River.


Plans to reseal N2 between Jeffreys Bay, Gamtoos River will ease traffic flow, create jobs

Eastern Cape, 1 April 2023 – The reseal of the N2 National Road between the Jeffreys Bay and Gamtoos River in the Eastern Cape Province will improve the surfacing for a smooth and safer travel experience in the area, the South African National Roads Agency SOC Limited (SANRAL) has announced.

The R57-million project will also create the much-needed job opportunities for the local community and SMMEs of the Sarah Baartman District Municipality.

The adjudication process of the tender is currently underway, and a contractor will be appointed in due course.

Faheem Vahed, SANRAL Southern Region’s Project Manager said: “Work that will be done on the project will include the rehabilitation of the carriageway in the form of crack sealing, fog spray, texture slurry and rut filling. Also included in the scope of work are base repairs, the reseal of the carriageway, clearing and grubbing, traffic accommodation and road markings.

“As is the norm with standard SANRAL practice, 30% of the contract value will be given to local SMMEs; a minimum of 5% of this value will be given to those SMMEs that are at least 51% owned by young people, another 5% will be given to those that are least 51% owned by women and an additional 1% of the contract value will be given to those local SMMEs that are at least 51% owned by military veterans.”

SANRAL’s practice of appointing contractors on its projects is guided by the road agency’s transformation policy. SANRAL’s transformation policy is designed to maximise emerging contractors’ participation and principally benefitting them in the roads agency’s projects.

“Our 14 Point Plan, which is an intervention in ensuring that previously disadvantaged individuals benefit from our projects, continues to assist in ensuring transparency and inclusivity with local communities that will work on SANRAL projects,” said Welekazi Ndika, Stakeholder Coordinator for SANRAL’s Southern Region.

Ndika added: “Through our 14 Point Plan, we envisage to already have established a Project Liaison Committee (PLC) when the project starts. The PLC will assist in creating a platform for project liaison, works execution, subcontracting and facilitating employment opportunities for local community members. All community representatives, including the youth, women, people with disabilities and military veterans, must be represented in the PLC.”

As part of SANRAL’s ongoing efforts to encourage participation by local SMMEs who tender for and work on its projects, the roads agency will provide various training for those who will benefit from the project.

“Pre-tender training will be provided for those SMMEs who will be involved in the project and they will be equipped with the necessary theoretical information and skills required for pursuing a future in construction, managing a business, managing contracts, and equipping them with the necessary skills on how to compile and submit a compliant tender document. This training is targeted at contractors who fall within Grades 1 to 4, as prescribed by the Construction Industry Development Board (CIDB),” said Ndika.

SMMEs interested in the training programme will be screened and required to submit their CIDB and Companies and Intellectual Property Commission (CIPC) documents, including tax compliance with the South African Revenue Services (SARS), registration on government’s Central Supplier Database (CSD), and proof of their highest school qualification.

“Owners of SMMEs may also nominate someone to attend the training on their company’s behalf. This will be done by submitting a letter of authority to nominate the person on behalf of the company, proof of residence of the owner of the business, a letter of commitment to attend the training and the adjoining seven days’ assessment. SMMEs will also be required to undergo a mathematical assessment for enrolment on the programme,” concluded Ndika.