Peter Bridge is safe for public use

The South African National Roads Agency Limited (SANRAL) would like to place it on record that Peter Bridge on the N3 is safe for public use.

The prop in place is a contingent support should something happen to weaken the structure further. We do understand that the presence of the temporary prop can be a little visually disconcerting. SANRAL was in the process of appointing a contractor to make permanent repairs to the bridge before the country went on lockdown on 26 March.

“The tender to commence the repair of Townhill and the Peter Brown bridge is still in the evaluation process. Unfortunately, the Covid-19 lockdown has delayed this process but we are expecting to award the supervision contract by November 2020 at the latest” says Hugh Brooks, Eastern Region Project Manager.

The bridge is completely safe but aesthetically unappealing. The bridge was last inspected by the Routine Road Maintenance on 4 August 2020.