N7 upgrade – SANRAL engaging Swartland stakeholders about project participation

N7 upgrade – SANRAL engaging Swartland stakeholders about project participation

Western Cape, 8 February 2022 – The South African National Roads Agency SOC Limited (SANRAL) is currently engaging SMMEs and local labour for project participation opportunities that come with the R600 million upgrade of the N7 from Rooidraai to Moorreesburg.

The work entails widening the cross section of the N7 section 2 (for approximately 25km) and the construction of additional climbing lanes for improved road safety and ease of traffic flow.

With the three-month mobilisation period being concluded, the contractor, Martin & East, is advertising work packages in line with SANRAL’s Transformation Policy and government’s Preferential Procurement Regulations, which dictates that a minimum of 30% of the contract value of all projects is to be subcontracted to targeted enterprises. This prioritises economic development opportunities for black-owned entities, including women-owned businesses, youth-owned businesses and businesses owned by persons with disabilities.

“We have in the last week met with stakeholders in Malmesbury, Moorreesburg and Darling and we will continue to engage with communities in the Swartland Local Municipality as work packages are let to tender. This would ensure subcontractors have all the relevant information that allows them to tender competitively and profitably for these economic opportunities,” said Petronella Theron, SANRAL Project Manager.

Part of the engagements have also been with local labour, which will be sourced from all the towns in the Swartland Local Municipality. Approximately 180 job opportunities will be available over the next three years.

“We want to ensure we make the recruitment process as transparent and inclusive as possible. To this end, we have extended the process of compiling a labour database, with communities having additional time to submit their CVs for consideration. Furthermore, we are actively driving nominations of community representatives to serve on the Project Liaison Committee (PLC) so that this oversight body can be truly reflective of the labour market,” explained Theron.

Apart from the construction project, SANRAL has also set aside funding for community development. This will involve training, capacity building and skills development that would equip people in the Swartland Local Municipality with tools to access jobs and economic development opportunities that may arise in future.

“We will be working in the Swartland Local Municipality, and by extension the West Coast District Municipality, for the next three years, and SANRAL is committed to ensuring that the people of the Swartland have maximum opportunities to benefit from this upgrade project,” concluded Theron.