N7 upgrade – A well constituted PLC is of cardinal importance


N7 upgrade – A well constituted PLC is of cardinal importance

Western Cape, 18 February 2022 – The South African National Roads Agency SOC Limited (SANRAL) has commenced with the upgrade of the N7 between Rooidraai and Moorreesburg in the Swartland Local Municipality and wishes to assure all stakeholders of its commitment to constitute a Project Liaison Committee (PLC) that is fully representative of all stakeholders impacted by the project.

The upgrade project, which has a contract duration of three years, entails the widening of the road and structures, as well as adding of overtaking lanes.

Following a series of engagements with communities within the Swartland Local Municipality in January 2022, it was evident that communities demand relevant and suitable representation on the PLC.

“We have heard the appeals from several communities and, within the next three weeks, SANRAL will be engaging affected communities to ensure they are able to nominate leaders who represent their interests on the PLC. We will ensure stakeholders are kept informed of progress, so that nobody misses out on any opportunities during this time,” said Petronella Theron, SANRAL Project Manager in the Western Region.

It is also important to note that the members of the PLC representing communities and stakeholders perform an oversight role over the respective SANRAL project. They are not involved or allowed to influence the awarding of subcontractor tenders or who get jobs on those projects.

The primary function of the PLC is to create a platform for project liaison, with regards to works execution, subcontracting and employment facilitation. The PLC also monitors and ensures fairness and transparency in the awarding of subcontractor tenders and employment opportunities.

“Due to potential conflict of interest, members of the PLC may not tender for work on this project or resign from the PLC in order to pursue a subcontractor construction tender. It is therefore important that PLC members simply wish to serve the community and must ensure that timely feedback is given to respective communities and stakeholders that they represent,” explained Theron.

SANRAL will continue to engage with stakeholders in the Swartland Local Municipality and is committed to a well-constituted and fully functional PLC so that nothing derails the progress of this project.