N2 upgrade between George and Wilderness critical for mobility and road safety


N2 upgrade between George and Wilderness critical for mobility and road safety

Western Cape, 10 July 2024 – The R700 million upgrade of the N2 between George and Wilderness has in the first few months already created 80 local labour opportunities, with seven subcontracting packages successfully awarded, the South African National Roads
Agency SOC Limited (SANRAL) has announced.

“While the economic impact of the project is a welcome injection to the regional economy, the main objective is to improve mobility and road safety,” said David Le Cordeur, SANRAL Project Manager.

Major improvements include:

  • Construction of new traffic circles at the Victoria Bay and George Road
  • Widening of the N2 to a dual carriageway over the full length
  • Construction of frontage roads
  • Erosion protection at Kaaimans Galley
  • Repairs to structures and critical slope stabilisation in Kaaimans River Pass

“We have heard the frustration of local residents and road users about congestion and delays and have made a commitment to as far as possible always maintain two-way traffic, instead of using the more common Stop/Go method for traffic accommodation,” Le Cordeur

Furthermore, Western Cape Government’s Provincial Traffic team continues to assist the contractor’s pointsman with regulating traffic during peak traffic time.

“We see how the presence of traffic officers, whether through visible policing or them actively assisting with directing traffic, improves road user behaviour,” he added.

Non-motorised transport solutions, which include walking and cycling lanes, are as far as possible prioritised on major upgrade projects and this one will be no different. While construction is underway, however, cyclists cannot be accommodated on this section of the N2 as the safety risks are too high.

“We understand that roadworks cause frustration for many people, especially local residents who make use of this road on a daily basis. It is however a short-term inconvenience in pursuit of long-term mobility and road safety improvements to the benefit of all road users,”
Le Cordeur pointed out.

SANRAL appeals for patience, strict adherence to speed restrictions in the construction zone and for motorists to make allowance for additional travel time between George and Wilderness. Road users should always be on the lookout for construction workers and assist
in prioritising their safety.


Issued by FTI Consulting on behalf of the SANRAL. For editorial content or additional information contact Lwando
Mahlasela on 082 440 5305 or pressoffice@nra.co.za