Moneyweb Issues Apology

Media Release

Moneyweb Issues Apology

Following the cancellation of five tenders by the Board during May this year, the readvertising of the tenders, the appointment of the Development Bank of Southern Africa (DBSA) to evaluate those tenders and the subsequent award earlier this month, the media coverage has potentially caused anxiety among our staff.

Once news broke of the awards, media reports surfaced widely, but instead of lauding the conclusion of the process in a fair, open, transparent and timeous manner, the narrative focused on the award of the tenders to Chinese companies, over South African contenders. A further narrative soon emerged, to discredit the process and challenge the compliance/eligibility of the successful bidders, citing expired CIDB registrations and insufficient CIDB Grading.

SANRAL meticulously set out to correct the inaccuracies, responding directly to the fictitious allegations, with evidence of compliance on the part of the winning bidders.

This negative narrative was specifically perpetuated by Moneyweb, and following direct engagement by our legal team, as well as the evidence provided in multiple media releases, Moneyweb has just published an apology and retracted the incorrect information.

Indeed a victory for SANRAL, and we hope that this assuages any fears and anxiety that you may have had regarding the integrity of the process. SANRAL remains committed to getting South Africans working again.